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My Weekend in Seattle: Day 3

Hello you!

I hope you are doing great today! Ready to read about my last day in Seattle? Ok, so let’s start with a walk around the hotel area

Around the hotel:

This Mural is located in Belltown, behind the Bedlam Coffee, a few blocks away from the Moore Hotel. All the Seattle Highlights are represented:

  • S: Space Needle
  • E: Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall
  • A: The Mariners (Baseball team) and the Seahawks (American Football team)
  • T: The totem located in Pioneer Square, the Hammering Man ( a sculpture located next to the Art Museum), the W (stands for the University of Washington) and at the bottom coffee beans
  • T: Gas Works Park
  • L: Elephant Car Wash and Fremont Troll
  • E: The Music is as well represented: Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Sir Mix-A-Lot

In the background there is Mount Rainier, the Blue Angels (United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron) is as well represented but you can’t see them in the picture.

Once ready and the check-out done, I headed to Pioneer Square, the Historical part of Seattle.

Pioneer Square

It’s Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, the heart of the city. After 6 months spent in Alki Point, the founders settled up there in 1852. A few years later, 40000 people made this place their home, it became then the biggest city of the State of Washington.

At that time buildings were made of wood, almost all of them have been destroyed by the Great Seattle Fire in 1889. New buildings built of briks appeared on the same area a few month after the tragedy, some were even built on remains of some buildings.

At the end of the 19th century, the city became an important stopping point during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Until a few years ago the neighborhood was not the friendliest area in the city. Today, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, bookstores and small boutiques have opened.

Occidental Square:

It’s a little square located in Pioneer Square and dedicated to leisure: pretty and colorful tables to have a snack or a coffee with your friends, read a book, table tennis, some food trucks are there every day, there is as well a space for kids.

Smith Tower:

This building is as well in Pioneer Square and easily recognizable thanks to its shape. Built in 1914, it was the first building in Seattle and the tallest one west of the Mississippi River (484ft). It remained the tallest skyscraper in Seattle until 1962, when the Space Needle was built.

The visit includes historical exhibits on the first and second levels. These will take you several decades ago to the early Prohibition.

In order to access to the Observation Deck on the 35th floor, you will take the only manual « Otis » elevator on the West Coast. Don’t be surprised if a gentleman opens the door and invites you to step inside. I felt like I was transported through time, and almost thought that I would encounter people dressed in period costumes walking along the hallways! Haha don’t laugh, I know, my big imagination can go far sometimes 😉

On the Observatory floor, you will find the Chinese Room, and next to it,a speakeasy-style bar. Imagine drinking a cocktail while enjoying the views over the city, not bad, eh?

Outside, the observatory offers  360° amazing views over the city, the mountains, the Puget Sound, you will even see the Space Needle between 2 buildings.

As of today, the admission for an adult is at $19USD excluding taxes. To save a little bit you can as well buy the tickets online.

Here is the link if you want to learn about the Smith Tower

Why did I like the visit?

First of all it’s a building with an older architecture, there is an exhibit to follow and not only an elevatore to ride that brings you to the observatory. I like as well that it’s an outside observatory, you can feel the wind all around you, and you are not behind windows. Finally, on top of that, there is no crowd, you can freely walk or enjoy the views peacefully without being pushed by other people. It’s a small hidden gem.  It’s maybe not well known yet?

Around the area

To end my stay in Seattle, I walked around the area before catching my bus.

If you want an advise, if you have booked a bus, go there before the time advised ont your ticket. Companies still surbook the buses, like airlines. If you don’t go early, you may be not able to make it. It was the situation for an earlier bus, so several people had to wait for the next available bus. It’s not really cool, is it?

Some useful links:

First of all, every time I’m planning a trip, I always check out the visitor centre website in order to find information on what to do, or check the events scheduled. Seattle has of course a tourism page

If you want an idea in order to save money on attractions: don’t forget to check the  City Pass  website. If you plan on visiting several attraction,  you will have to better prices thanks to this pass.

Seattle is known for its Football team, the Seahawks and its Baseball team, the Mariners. If there is a game while you are in the city, why not buy tickets and attend a game?

Let’s continue with the public transportation: It is really easy to wander around the city. Tickets are to be buy in the bus, please note that you will need the exact change. Drivers don’t carry any money with them. I read somewhere on the net a few months ago that a day pass was available, when I was there it was not possible to buy one anymore. Do you want to plan a trip, or check the public transportation, here is the link

Arriving from the airport? You can catch a taxi, a bus or the Link Light Rail. Uber and Lyft are available as well in Seattle.

If you want some more information about Seattle, feel free to read my previous articles about Seattle through these links: 1st day , 2 day

I write as well every post in French

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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